Welcome to Fawkner Community House

A Neighbourhood House for the Fawkner Community

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Basic information available in the following languages:

Fawkner Community House belongs to everyone in Fawkner. We encourage people from all cultures and backgrounds to share the space and activities we run.
We will try to find someone to speak to you in your own language. Everyone at Fawkner Community House is treated with respect.

Do you need help?

Fawkner Community House can help community members in situations of extreme need.
We can help with:

  • Information
  • Food parcels and other short-term assistance
  • Referral to other services and advocacy to ensure you get the support you need

Ring the Community House to make an appointment.

Learn new skills and meet new people

Learn new skills in a relaxed, friendly environment. Groups and classes include:

Join a group or start a course or group of your own!

How do you enrol for an activity?

You need to come into the House to enrol and pay for an activity before it starts. The office is open from Mondays to Fridays during school terms from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm. Phone 9357 4631.

Fawkner Community House does not exclude people because they cannot afford to pay the fees. If you would like to do a course and cannot afford the fee please speak to the manager to have the fee waived.

How do we run?

Support for the running of Fawkner Community House comes from:

  • Volunteers
  • Moreland City Council and the Department of Human Services
  • Other community organisations and philanthropic trusts
  • Course fees and fundraising activities

An elected volunteer Committee of Management made up of participants and local residents governs us. The House is managed by a manager with the assistance of an administration worker and volunteers. Come and talk to us about getting involved.

Events in the community

Be sure to check out the events page for upcoming community events. Click on the highlighted blue text for the link to the Events Page or click on Events Page on the menu above. If you would like to promote an event within the community, please contact Fawkner Community House. Contact details are below and on the menu above, or you can send any questions regarding sharing an event to one of our volunteers through e-mail on fchleob@gmail.com or call us on  03 9357 4631.

Fawkner Community House Social Inclusion Project

This video was made in June 2017 about an employment support and social inclusion project undertaken by Fawkner Community House during 2015 – 2016.

The aim of the project was to improve social cohesion in a culturally diverse community by providing opportunities for new arrivals to meet and build relationships with the broader local community.

We also matched new arrivals with employment mentors to provide local experience and to build links with professional networks in order to provide pathways to employment.

Fawkner Community House is very appreciative of the funding we received from the Victorian Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship and the Inner North Community Foundation to undertake this project. We also appreciate the support we received from Moreland City Council which made the project such a success.

We also thank Mimi Field, Alex Kharnam and Leon Huybregts for their generosity in making this film for us.

Contact Information

Telephone: 03 9357 4631
Fax: 03 9357 3602
Postal address: PO Box 74 Fawkner, 3060.
E-mail: meredithl@fawcomhs.com.au

Street Address: 79 Jukes Road Fawkner, 3060

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Cultural Acknowledgement

As part of our Fawkner Community House sites, we would like to acknowledge that the land we meet on is the traditional lands for the Wurundjeri people, and that we respect their spiritual relationship with their country. We would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the custodians of the Melbourne region and recognise that their culture and heritage is still important to the Wurundjeri people today.

We wish to pay respect to their Elders, both past and present, and further acknowledge the important role that Indigenous people continue to play within our communities. 

We acknowledge the contributions of Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people in educating all people in this country, which we all share and live in together.



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